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What do plumbing services cover?

We provide a wide range of plumbing services that includes the following:

  • Water leakage detection and fixing
  • Pipe repair
  • Sinks and faucets repair and replacement
  • Water heater installation and repair services
  • Clearance of toilet bowl or sink blockage
  • Installation of toilet bowls or basins
  • Shower set and bidet sprayer installation
  • Sink bottle trap replacement
  • Repair of exposed copper pipe leak
  • And many more…

Our plumbing services don’t just stop here! If you have a plumbing issue not reflected on this list, contact us today to find out how we can assist you.


How long is the delivery time?

To maintain our core value of quality, all our bathtubs are produced only upon clients’ order request. The delivery time will be between 4 weeks to 6 weeks, ensuring that the bathtub ushered into your home is of the highest quality and standard.


What are EQUEVO’s charges for installation services?

At EQUEVO we provide a personalized experience for our clients when it comes to installation. As every household’s bathroom is unique, our team will assess the location before determining the cost of the installation.

  1. Should you wish to engage our installation services, please indicate your choice on the checkout page.
  2. Following the confirmation of the product’s payment, EQUEVO’s installation team will make arrangements to visit your residence. A quotation will be provided upon assessment.
  3. Installation will be done concurrently with the delivery of the bathtub. Please kindly note that installation fees are to be paid in cash after the work has been concluded


Are faucets included in all the bathtubs shown on the website?


Some of our standalone bathtubs come with attached faucets, giving you the option of choosing either:

  • Bathtub with attached faucets
  • Bathtub with no faucets

However for bathtubs that do not come with attached faucets, we have a selection of stand-alone faucets under Tub Faucets to complement the tub.



What are the payment terms offered by EQUEVO?


We fully understand our clients’ concern over making a big-ticket purchase such as a bathtub, and believe that no client should be making full payment before they are satisfied with the product received.

EQUEVO offers clients a 50% down-payment to confirm the order, with the remaining 50% when the product is delivered.

We pride ourselves in delivering quality products, and will only accept the remaining 50% from our clients if the bathtubs are to their expectations.



What payment methods are available?


Down-payment 50% We accept both credit card and bank transfer.
Remaining 50% We only accept cash payment upon delivery.



How much are the delivery charges?


There are no delivery charges!

At EQUEVO, we pride ourselves in providing the best satisfaction to our clients and believe that bringing our client’s product of choice to their homes is our obligation, and not a service that should be paid for.



Are there any form of guarantee offered for EQUEVO’s products?


Yes, EQUEVO offers a Money-Back Guarantee scheme to all our clients!

Every single product supplied by EQUEVO goes through stringent quality inspections before they are delivered to our clients’ residence. If the purchase you made does not meet your expectations, EQUEVO will honour the Money-back Guarantee and refund your money.

View our Return Policy or simply fill up the Refund Request Form



How long is the warranty period for EQUEVO’s products?


EQUEVO offers a 5-year warranty period for all bathtubs, and a 3-year warranty period for all faucets.

 View our Warranty Policy!



How can we be certain that the bathtub will fit in our bathroom?


We advise all our esteemed clients to cross-check the specific dimensions of their bathroom which they wish to allocate for their bathtub, against the dimensions provided under the Product Specifications.

Please ensure that there is an allowance between the intended dimensions for the bathtub and the bathtub’s actual dimensions.